Any manager who's arranged a day-long meeting knows the importance of keeping the attendees on-site during the lunch break. Greater
productivity leads to greater profits so they say, but who can be productive on an empty stomach?
A&W Catering now offers an affordable lunch opportunity for such an occasion!
Boxed Lunches                             281.943.4302
1. Choose your sandwich
     Italian Combo...  Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, & Provolone Cheese       
     Roast Beef & Cheese.. White or Yellow American, Provolone, or Swiss    
     Classic Chicken Salad...    Classic Chicken Salad -  Mandarin Orange with toasted Almonds (served with Croissant) - Broccoli Almond
     Veggie Supreme..Sauteed Zucchini, Squash, Tomato, Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Alfalfa Sprouts,
     Turkey, Bacon Cheese..Oven Roasted Turkey, thick-sliced bacon and Avocado mayonnaise
     Turkey, Bacon & Avocado... Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, provolone cheese, bacon, avocado mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato
     Ham & Cheese... Black Forest Ham, America or Swiss Cheese
     Ham, Turkey & bacon.. Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham, Bacon and Cheese
Sandwiches & Wraps
All below Entries are either Sandwiches or Wraps.. Can be combinations of either wraps or sandwiches
*$10.50 per person + Tax  (minimum 25  orders)
3.  Choose your Side Dish
     Fresh Fruit Salad                 Italian Pasta Salad        Potato Chips
     Potato Salad                         Cole Slaw
2.  Choose your Sandwich Cover
     Bread Choice: Whole Grain Wheat, Rye or White, Onion Bun, Buttery Croissant or Sub Roll
     Tortilla Wrap Choices: Flour, Jalepeno Cheddar, Sun Dried Tomato, Whole Wheat or Spinac
4.  Choose your Dessert
     Double Chocolate Chip Brownie -or- Cookie
     Specialty Desserts Such as Cream Puffs are an additional charge
5.  Choose your Drink
     Iced Tea - Coke - Diet Coke - Sprite